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Fun Science Videos for Kids

Watch Amazing Space Videos for KidsCheck out our amazing science videos for kids. Learn more about the world around you while watching a range of awesome clips.

Space Videos

If you like learning about space and astronomy then you'll love these great space videos. Watch impressive astronomy clips, famous NASA footage, missions to outer space, the moon landing, mars rovers, space shuttle launches, fun space songs for kids and more.

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Science for Kids

Moon Landing

Watch amazing scenes that capture Apollo 11's historic Moon mission and listen to Neil Armstrong as he utters his famous words "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".

Moon landing video

Mars Rover

Follow the Mars rover Opportunity as it explores the surface of the Mars, taking photos, analyzing samples and helping scientists develop a greater understanding of the red planet.

Mars rover video

Hubble Telescope

This video pays tribute to the amazing Hubble Space Telescope and all the wonderful things it has contributed to astronomy research over the years.

Hubble telescope video

Black Hole

Watch an amazing animation of a black hole destroying a star. The incredible gravitational pull of the black hole gives the star no chance of escape.

Black hole video

Russian Meteor

Watch this video in amazement as a meteor streaks across Russian skies before exploding in a dramatic event that left many people injured.

Russian meteor fireball & explosion video

Space Jump

You might have heard of sky diving but have you heard of space diving? Enjoy the highlights of Felix Baumgartner's daring space jump that broke the sound barrier.

Amazing space jump video

Kepler Mission

Learn more about the NASA Kepler Mission and its efforts to find other planets that orbit stars at a distance that could allow for life to exist.

Kepler mission video

Shuttle Launch

See the space shuttle Discovery from a number of interesting angles as it blasts off from its launch pad and into space in spectacular fashion.

Shuttle launch video

The Sun

Find out how our view of the Sun has changed, from early discoveries made by Galileo through to modern times where new technology has helped give us a clearer understanding.

The Sun video

Solar System Birth

Going all the way back to the Big Bang, watch the spectacular birth of the solar system, a process featuring a series of violent explosions and other dramatic events.

Solar system birth video

Adventures of the Voyager Probes

For years two Voyager probes have been flying through space relaying data back to Earth about the outer planets of our Solar System. Now Voyager 1 has gone even further.

Voyager Probes Space Videos

Commercial Space Flights

Watch footage from test flights as Sir Richard Branson discusses his Galactic spaceships and the Virgin commercial space flight project.

Commercial Space Flights Video

The Final Frontier

Legendary American astronomer Carl Sagan discusses space as the final frontier of discovery for humans in this fascinating and inspiring video.

The Final Frontier for Humans Space Video

The Search for Life

In part 2 of the Sagan series, influential American astronomer Carl Sagan discusses the search for life and the possibility of humans finding it on other planets.

The Search for Life Space Video

Planet Song for Kids

Help kids remember the names of different planets with this fun song that features bright, colorful animations and a catchy tune that children will enjoy.

Fun Planet Song for Kids Space Video

Solar System Song for Kids

Learn about the different objects in our solar system with this great song for kids. Enjoy interesting facts about the Sun and planets while singing along.

Solar System Song for Kids Space Video
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