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Watch Amazing Sports Science Videos for KidsSports Science Videos

Check out our awesome range of sports science videos. Learn about the latest tests and research related to training, injuries, player safety and equipment. Watch sports stars participating in a variety of challenges to help scientists learn more about the science of sports such as basketball, football, rugby, cycling, cricket, golf and baseball. Understand the physics and technology involved in the modern sports world, watch the best athletes performing and enjoy the facts and trivia these free science of sport video clips offer.

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Science for Kids

Hang Time

How high can basketball players jump? Do they really hang in the air or is it just an illusion? Find out the answers with this great sport science video.

Basketball hang time video

Pitching Physics

A baseball pitcher doesn't just use his arm to throw a baseball quickly, he uses his whole body to help generate as much speed as possible.

Baseball pitching physics video

Pole Vaulting

Learn about the origins of pole vaulting and how the advancement of science and technology have helped develop new equipment.

Learn about Pole Vaulting Video

F1 Car Dynamics

Understand the important role down force and aerodynamics plays in the science behind an F1 car by checking out this interesting video.

The Aerodynamics of an F1 Car Video

Golf Swing

When Adam Sandler hits a golf ball in the movie Happy Gilmore he takes a run up to help get extra distance, but would this really work?

Happy Gilmore golf swing video

Hard Kick

What happens when a muay thai fighter tries to break a baseball bat by kicking it? Find out how much force is needed and watch the end result.

Muay thai kick strength video

Perfect Spiral

Throwing the perfect spiral helps an NFL quarter back hit his targets with much greater accuracy. Watch Drew Brees show just how accurate he is.

Perfect football spiral pass video

Knee Ligaments

Damage to knee ligaments occurs in a number of sports involving cutting and twisting motions. Learn more about the injury with this sport science video.

Knee ligaments video

Reaction Time

Watch a range of top athletes test their reaction times by catching tennis balls traveling at high speeds on both sides of their body.

Reaction time video

Rugby Scrum

How dangerous is a rugby scrum? What are the force involved? Learn how it works and what some of the possible injury risks are.

Rugby scrum video

Science of Cricket

Check out this video about the science of cricket. How can science and technology improve the skills involved in batting, bowling and fielding?

Science of cricket video

Peripheral Vision

Top athletes in certain sports have highly trained peripheral vision that can increase their reaction times and give them an advantage on the playing field.

Peripheral vision video

Cycling Technology

How is technology changing the sport of cycling? What materials are used to make bikes both light and strong? Find out with this sport science video.

Cycling technology video

Curling Stones

Curling is a popular sport in some parts of the world and especially so during the winter Olympics, but where do the special curling stones come from?

Curling stones video

Science of Snowboarding

Snowboarders can do some amazing things on the halfpipe. Check out how physics relate to the science of snowboarding with this cool video.

The science of snowboarding video

Physics of Skiing

Get the low down on the exciting sport of alpine skiing. Learn how the physics of skiing play a major role as skiers fly down the mountain at incredible speeds.

The physics of skiing video
Fun Science and Technology for Kids


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