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Fun Science Videos for Kids

Watch Amazing Technology Videos for KidsTechnology Videos

Check out these awesome technology videos which show a range of tech video clips.

Learn about the future of computer interfaces, where the science of mind control is heading and how solar energy can be used effectively to generate power. See the latest in cool gadgets and computers as well as some amazing inventions.

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Science for Kids

Solar Energy

This video shows how solar panels are used to help generate electricity. Learn how photons, silicon and electrons are used in the technology of solar power.

Solar power video

Mind Control

If you've ever liked the idea of controlling things with your mind then you're going to like this video where a human controls a robots movement with his thoughts alone.

Mind control video

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is new eyewear technology that allows a user to take photos, record videos, make phone calls, check weather reports, get directions and much more.

Google Glass Video

Learn about 3D Printing

Is 3D printing going to change the world? Find out how it works and what the exciting possibilities are with this informative video.

3D Printing Video

3D TV - How does it Work?

Learn how 3D TV works in both LCD and plasma televisions with this technology video that describes the process in easy to understand language.

How does 3D TV Work? Video

Siri Personal Assistant

Get an introduction to the Siri personal assistant for the iPhone, a handy piece of AI technology that is making life much easier for the blind.

Siri iPhone Personal Assistant AI Video

Apple iPod Touch

Get all the information you need on Apple's popular MP3 player, the iPod Touch. Learn about the applications, synching with iTunes and its differences to the iPhone.

Apple iPod Touch video

Future of Computer Interface

See the awesome future of computer interface technology in action with a range of cool innovations related to touch screens, input devices and surface computing.

Future of computer interface video

Morphing Plane

This small plane is capable of morphing its wings while in flight to either increase speed or slow down. It also holds cameras which can be used to record footage of real birds.

Morphing plane video

Sony Rolly

Check out the futuristic music player in this technology video. The Sony Rolly spins, rolls and dances to whatever music it plays.

Sony Rolly video

Honda Commercial

Enjoy this amazing commercial created by Honda. The ad plays on a dominoes theme with various car parts setting off the next in a sequence that uses no CGI effects.

Honda ad

Apple iPhone

Learn more about the Apple iPhone 3G. The updated iPhone features faster speeds, better GPS support and access to a huge library of downloadable software at the Apps Store.

Apple iPhone video
Fun Science and Technology for Kids


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