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Weird science for kids

Enjoy some weird scienceCheck out our page devoted to weird science for kids and enjoy a range of crazy experiments, strange facts, cool videos, unique science fair projects and more!

Learn about floating rocks, talented dolphins, cornstarch, fake snot and all kinds of weird science. As well as activities for children, there are also interesting images and trivia to help keep you busy. Enjoy a range of resources for teachers and ideas for parents that explore the weird world of science.

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Science for Kids
Weird science videos for kids

Check out these crazy science videos for kids. Watch a dolphin performing amazing underwater tricks, see what happens when you put marshmallows in a vacuum jar, watch cornstarch move in strange ways, enjoy an awesome color experiment and more.

Marshmallow experiment video

Marshmallow Experiment

What happens when you put marshmallows in a vacuum jar? Check out this weird science video and find out!

Dolphin bubbles video

Dolphin Bubbles

Watch a dolphin playing with bubbles and performing cool tricks underwater in this cool video.

Cornstarch experiment video

Cornstarch Experiment

Cornstarch mixed with water isn't so strange but watch what happens when it gets vibrated at a high speed!

Crazy color reaction video

Crazy Color Reaction

Watch this cool experiment video and learn how milk, food coloring and dish washing soap are used to create a crazy color reaction.

Testing toilet paper

Toilet Paper Test

It's probably not a good idea to experiment with toilet paper on a plane so watch this video and enjoy somebody else doing it for you.

Interesting facts and trivia

Brush up on your science knowledge with these interesting facts and trivia.


There are more tigers kept privately as pets than there are left in the wild.


Some types of bamboo have been known to grow as much as one metre in just one day.


There are some big volcanoes here on Earth but the biggest in the solar system is actually found on Mars, its name is Olympus Mons.

Weird science experiments for kids

Enjoy some crazy science experiments. Make fake snot, experiment with quick sand and create a vinegar volcano with an awesome chemical reaction.

Fake snot experiment

Fake Snot

Freak out your friends with this strange experiment. Make fake snot and learn how it relates to sugar and protein strands.

Quick sand experiment

Quick Sand

Try not to get stuck as you make your own quick sand with this interesting science experiment for kids.

Vinegar volcano experiment

Vinegar Volcano

If you like surprising chemical reactions then you'll love this fun experiment. Find out what happens when you combine baking soda and vinegar.

Weird science images, pictures, and photos for kids

Check out these weird and wonderful science pictures and photos.

Enjoy strange and interesting images of planes breaking the sound barrier, illusions, surface tension, aurora borealis and more.

Aurora borealis
Breaking the sound barrier
Hypnosis illusion
Afterimage illusion
Surface tension
Weird science facts for kids

Enjoy our collection of weird and wacky science facts. Learn some strange trivia related to animals, chemistry, geology, physics and more.




Rats breed fast, 2 rats can create over 1 million relatives in just 18 months

Cows and horses sleep while standing up.

Because natural gas doesn't have an odour, strong smells are added by humans so leaks can be detected.

The only rock that can floats in water is pumice.

Just because a snake has its eyes closed, don't think it's not still looking at you, they can see through their eyelids.

Sound moves 4 times faster through water than air.

While adults blink around 10 times a minute, infants blink only once or twice.

Mercury is the only metal in liquid form at room temperature.

Olympic gold medals look like gold but they're made mostly of silver.

Uranus is the only planet that rotates on its side (like a barrel).

Unique science projects for kids

Check out these cool ideas for a range of unique science fair projects for kids. Research chewing gum, the strength of eggs, forensic science and more.




Do flowers survive longer in something other than normal water?

Why are egg shells stronger at the ends than the sides?

How effectively does a fan lower the temperature in a room?

Do women’s cosmetics contain potentially harmful chemicals?

What makes chewing gum chewy?

How might human beings evolve in the future?

Can forensic science help you discover if someone has been reading your diary?

Fun Science and Technology for Kids


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