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Amazing science for kids

Enjoy some extreme scienceCheck out our page devoted to amazing science for kids and enjoy awesome experiments, incredible facts, extreme videos and more!

Learn about wild weather, loud animals, highly reactive metals, stinky flowers and all kinds of amazing science. Find fun activities for children as well as awesome images, amazing trivia, cool videos and more! Enjoy free resources for teachers and ideas for parents that explore the amazing world of science.

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Science for Kids
Amazing science videos for kids

Check out these awesome science videos for kids and enjoy some extreme science. Watch metal exploding, an egg squeeze into a bottle, a giant dust storm, a futuristic mind control device and a huge volcanic eruption from space.

Metal explosion video

Metal Explosion

Watch in amazement at what happens when you add a little water to the most reactive metals in the world.

Egg in a bottle video

Egg in a Bottle

Watch an egg being sucked into a bottle with some help from an interesting science principle.

Mind control video

Mind Control

Step into the future and see what kind of advanced technology companies are working on.

Dust storm video

Dust Storm

This is no ordinary dust storm, watch as the strength of the wind increases and the particles take off.

Eruption from space video

Eruption from Space

Check out this incredible volcanic eruption as seen by astronauts on the International Space Station.

Amazing facts and trivia

Add to your science knowledge with some amazing facts and trivia.

The Sun

The surface temperature of the Sun is around 5500 C while its core is over 13 million C!

Rafflesia arnoldii flower

Rafflesia arnoldii produces the largest flower of any plant on Earth. Also known as the "corpse flower" due to its disgusting smell, it reaches up to 1 metre in diameter and 10kg in weight.


Blue whales can produce sound up to 188 decibels, louder than a vuvuzela at 1m (120 dB) or a jet engine at 30 metres (150 dB).

Awesome science experiments for kids

Enjoy a range of awesome science experiments. Make a diet coke eruption, breed bacteria and make eggs float.

Breeding bacteria experiment

Breeding Bacteria

Have fun breeding bacteria samples on agar plates. How fast do these tiny microorganisms reproduce?

Diet coke and mentos eruption

Diet Coke Eruption

Have you ever tried adding mentos to diet coke? Try this fun experiment and see what happens!

Floating eggs experiment

Floating Eggs

This amazing experiment involves adding salt to water in order to create a liquid with a density that allows an egg to float in it.

Extreme science images, pictures, and photos for kids

Check out this selection of amazing science pictures and photos.

Enjoy optical illusions, amazing tsunami images, biological pictures, fossilized dinosaurs, incredible photos of supernovae and more.

Velociraptor fighting Protoceratops
Same color illusion
Gold nugget
Extreme weather videos

When it comes to weather, some days just aren't like the others. Check out these amazing weather videos that show just how powerful mother nature can be.

Powerful tornadoes in action

Powerful Tornadoes

Check out some of the biggest tornadoes ever as they create havoc on an untamed path of destruction.

Cruise ship cyclone

Cruise Ship Cyclone

This isn't what you expect when you book a relaxing cruise. Watch a huge cruise ship being thrown around during a cyclone.

Huge hail storm

Hail Storm

This extreme weather video clip features an intense hail storm. Watch giant hail stones shatter windows and smash cars as they fall from the sky.

Awesome science facts for kids

Enjoy some incredible science facts and amazing trivia related to record temperatures, animals and the human body.




The highest temperature ever recorded on Earth is 57.8 C (136F) in Libya.

The lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth is -89.2C (-128.6F) in Antarctica.

A male giraffe can weigh as much as 1400 kilograms!

Fully grown tyrannosaurus rex weighed up to 6800 kilograms!!

The Nile River is around 6650 kilometres (4132 miles) in length.

An average human being breathes in about 11000 litres of air every day.

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