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Funny Science Jokes for Kids

Step back from the mysteries of science and enjoy the funny side of life with our science jokes for kids, they might even get a laugh out of your chemistry teacher!

Enjoy laughing at some funny biology jokes for kidsFunny Biology Jokes for Kids

Enjoy our funny biology jokes for kids. Check out our list of classic biology jokes and humor about everything from DNA to genetics, plants and flowers.

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  • What do you call the leader of a biology gang? The nucleus.

  • Genetics explains why you look like your father, and if you don't, why you probably should.

  • Why are frogs so happy? Because they can eat whatever bugs them!

  • How do you spot a bald eagle? Look for a bird with all its feathers combed over to one side.

  • Blood flows down one leg and up the other.

  • The pistol of a flower is its last line of defense against insects.

  • I’ve never been a good swimmer, my DNA almost drowned in its gene pool.

  • Mushrooms look like umbrellas because they grow in damp places.


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