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Animals for kids

Free math activities, worksheets, problems and help for kids onlineExplore the amazing world of math for kids and get help online with our collection of fun math problems, cool worksheets, interactive activities and other free resources.

Find games, videos, quizzes, facts and puzzles that will help motivate kids to improve their math skills. Learn about addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, numbers, geometry, shapes, angles, probability and other interesting math topics. Enjoy activities for kids, ideas for parents and handy resources for teachers that make learning about mathematics fun!

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Science for Kids
Free online math games for kids

Learn about a range of math topics with these fun math games for kids. Solve equations, improve your arithmetic, complete geometry based challenges, experiment with numbers, learn about statistics and much more.

Addition game for kids


Brush up on your addition skills with this interactive math game for kids that challenges you to build a giant water slide by adding numbers together.

Multiplication game for kids


Solve a range of interactive multiplication problems with this educational math game for kids.

Shapes game for kids


How well do you know your shapes? Find out with this cool activity that tests your knowledge of geometric and 3D shapes.

Fractions game for kids


Learn about fractions by completing a range of fun challenges with this great math game for kids.

Free math videos for kids

Take a look at these cool math videos. Enjoy the numbers of nature, learn about basic geometric shapes and more.

Amazing nature of numbers video

Numbers of Nature

Enjoy this inspiring video that features numbers found in nature.

Basic shapes video for kids

Learn Basic Shapes

Learn about circles, triangles, squares, cylinders and other basic shapes;

Cool multiplication trick video

Funny Multiplication Trick

This funny math video is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Learn How to Solve a Sudoku Puzzle Video

How to Solve Sudoku Puzzles

Learn how to solve sudoku puzzles with this handy video.

Cool math quizzes for kids

Put your math knowledge to the test by trying one of our fun quizzes. Answer a range of interesting questions related to addition, subtraction, multiplication, geometry, statistics, prime numbers and more.

Fun math quiz for kids

Math Quiz for Kids

Give our fun math quiz for kids a try and see how many of the interesting math questions you can answer correctly.

Geometry quiz for kids

Geometry Quiz for Kids

Answer questions related to angles, dimensions, measurements and shapes with our geometry quiz for kids.

Interesting math pictures for kids

Check out our range of free math pictures, photos, images, diagrams and clip art. Find interesting shapes, symbols, numbers and more.

8 ball picture
Fibonacci numbers photo
Equilateral triangle picture
Counting apples picture
Golden ratio spiral picture
3D shapes picture
Animal facts for kids

Check out our range of fun math facts for kids and learn about amazing numbers, unique shapes, the golden ratio, math history and more.

Amazing math facts and trivia for kids

Math Facts

Enjoy some cool math facts and learn interesting trivia related to a range of math topics.

  • How many decimal places do you know the value of pi to?
  • Do you know what a 'googol' is? How about a 'googolplex'?
  • How many pieces can you cut a cake into with just 3 slices?

Animal quizzes for kids

Put your problem solving skills to the test with our range of printable sudoku puzzles for kids. Start with the basics or get straight into brain bendingly difficult puzzles.

Free Printable Sudoku Puzzle Worksheets

Sudoku Puzzles

Improve your number skills with these fun sudoku puzzle worksheets that range in difficulty from easy through to medium and difficult. How many can you complete?

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