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Fun Animal Facts for Kids

Explore our wide variety of animal facts and learn some fun trivia about our friends in the animal kingdom.

Interesting Information about IguanasFun Iguana Facts for Kids

Check out our range of fun iguana facts for kids. Learn what they look like, where they live, what they like to eat and much more. Read on for all kinds of interesting information about iguanas!


  • Iguana are a type of lizard native to South America and Central America.
  • Iguana are herbivores with sharp teeth, eating various leaves and vegetation.
  • Including their tails, iguanas can be as long as 1.8 m (5.9 ft).
  • Iguanas are covered in scales of different shapes and sizes.
  • Iguanas have something known as a parietal eye (third eye) on the back of their head, which is sensitive to changes in light and can detect movement from above.
  • They have excellent vision and are often hard to find when blended into their environment.
  • Green iguanas are popular as pets, although they require a lot of care.
  • They are excellent climbers and are often found in trees. They can also swim, using their tail to propel them forward.
  • Green iguanas have a row of spines down the middle of their body and tail.
  • If they lose their tail escaping predators, it will grow back, handy!
  • They prefer to flee but can defend themselves with their tail, claws and teeth.
  • Some green iguanas have small horns.
  • Lesser Antillean iguanas are a critically endangered species found in the Lesser Antilles, a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea.

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