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Fun Dinosaur Facts for Kids

Carnotaurus Facts for KidsCarnotaurus Facts for Kids

Check out our cool Carnotaurus facts for kids and learn what made this dinosaur so unique and interesting.

With a name like Carnotaurus you might have guessed that this dinosaur was a meat eater, it also weighed around 2000 kg and had unique eyes that faced forward, rather than to the side like most other dinosaurs. Read on and enjoy more facts and information about the Carnotaurus.


  • The name Carnotaurus means ‘meat eating bull’….eek! The name refers to the horns found above its eyes, which are similar to bull horns.

  • Carnotaurus lived around 66 million years ago, before the mass extinction event that occurred at the end of the Cretaceous Period.

  • Carnotaurus lived in an area of South America known as Patagonia. They were discovered in 1985 by a famous Argentine paleontologist named Jose Bonaparte.

  • Estimates suggest that the Carnotaurus was around 8 metres (26 feet) in length and weighed somewhere between 1500 and 2500 kg.

  • Unusually for a dinosaur, Carnotaurus eyes faced forward.

  • Carnotaurus had very small arms and fingers that did not move.

  • Carnotaurus featured in the 2000 Disney animated movie called ‘Dinosaur’.

  • The Carnotaurus was mentioned in Michael Crichton’s book The Lost World, which was the sequel to Jurassic Park.


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