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Famous Scientist Facts for Kids

Check out our fun facts for kids that feature interesting trivia and information related to a range of famous scientists.

Interesting facts about Rosalind FranklinRosalind Franklin Facts

Rosalind Franklin was a brilliant scientist whose work helped us understand the structure of DNA and other molecules using techniques such as X-ray crystallography.

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  • Born in London, England in 1920, Rosalind Franklin was a British scientist whose research helped discover the structure of DNA, RNA, viruses, graphite and coal.
  • She studied at the University of Cambridge, earning a PhD in 1945.
  • Franklin learned multiple languages, including German, French and Latin. She moved to Paris in 1947, becoming a skilled X-ray crystallographer.
  • Franklin continued her research at King's College London in 1951, using X-ray crystallography to study the structure of molecules, eventually leading to the discovery of the DNA double helix by James Watson and Francis Crick.
  • Franklin furthered her studies at Birkbeck College in 1953, researching the molecular structure of viruses such as polio.
  • It was an especially difficult time for women in scientific workplaces and it is largely agreed that Franklin did not receive the credit she deserved for her important contributions to DNA and science as a whole.
  • Much of Franklin's work on DNA was unrecognized until after her death from ovarian cancer in 1958, she was 37 years old.
  • Her work inspires to this day however, with many scientific awards and educational facilities being named in her honour.

    Rosalind Franklin at work


    Rosalind Franklin in Paris






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