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Interesting Sports Facts

Facts and information about baseball
Fun Baseball Facts for Kids

Check out our fun baseball facts for kids.

Learn where baseball is popular, what bats are made of, how fast pitchers can throw the ball, famous MLB players and much more.


  • The aim of baseball is to advance around the bases and score more runs than the opposing team.

  • Baseball teams usually feature nine players.

  • Baseball is popular in North America, Central America, South America, and parts of Asia, such as Japan and South Korea.

  • Baseballs are made from white cowhide.

  • Baseball bats are made from wood, commonly maple and ash.

  • The first baseball gloves were introduced around 1875.

  • Hitting the ball in the air over the outfield fence is called a “home run”.

  • A home run with loaded bases is called a “grand slam”.

  • Fast players can attempt to steal bases as the pitcher starts his throwing motion.

  • The fastest baseball pitchers can throw the ball over 100 mph (161 kph).

  • High level baseball involves a lot of strategy and tactics.

  • The most popular baseball league in the world is Major League Baseball (MLB).

  • The MLB’s final matchup is called the “World Series”.

  • Baseball first became part of the Summer Olympic Games in 1992.

  • Some famous baseball players you might have heard of include Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Ken Griffey Jr, Pedro Martinez, Ichiro Suzuki, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter and Mike Trout.

  • Popular baseball themed movies include “Moneyball”, “Field of Dreams” and “A League of Their Own”.

Baseball field
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