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Interesting Sports Facts

Facts and information about cricket
Fun Cricket Facts for Kids

Check out our fun cricket facts for kids.

Learn about the history of cricket, amazing records, different formats of the game, famous players and much more.


  • The sport of cricket has been played for hundreds of years, with references to its existence dating back earlier than the year 1600.

  • Cricket is played between 2 teams of 11 players, typically on a large field of grass.

  • The batting team tries to score runs while the bowling team tries to limit them. The highest scoring team wins.

  • There are different forms of cricket, ranging from the shorter form Twenty20 right through to 5-day Test matches.

  • Traditionally, cricket has been played in white uniforms, but colors have been introduced in modern times, especially in the shorter formats.

  • The core of a cricket ball is made of cork, while the outer layer is made of leather.

  • The first international match took place in 1844.

  • The first Test match was played between England and Australia, beginning a rivalry that continues today as the two countries regularly compete for “The Ashes”.

  • Australian Don Bradman is generally regarded as the greatest batsman of all time, finishing his career with a remarkable average of 99.94.

  • Other famous cricketers include Sachin Tendulkar, Shane Warne, Viv Richards, Garfield Sobers, Brian Lara, Richard Hadlee, Imran Kahn, Muttiah Muralitharan, Virat Kohli, Wasim Akram, Jacques Kallis, Curtly Ambrose, Glenn McGrath and W.G. Grace.

  • The fastest cricket bowlers can deliver the ball at speeds close to 100 mph (161 kph).

  • The highest individual score in a Test match is 400 (not out) by West Indian Brian Lara v England in 2004.

  • The first Cricket World Cup was held in 1975 and won by the West Indies.

  • The first Twenty20 version of cricket (20 overs maximum per team) was played in 2003. It has since become an extremely popular version of the game, with the Indian IPL especially thriving since its introduction in 2008.

  • Lord’s Cricket Ground in London is nicknamed the “Home of Cricket” and is generally seen as the most famous cricket ground in the world.

  • International cricket is run by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

  • Cricket is popular in the United Kingdom, the West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Cricket field
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