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Fun Science Facts for Kids

Fun Vehicle Facts for KidsVehicle Facts for Kids

Check out our fun vehicle facts for kids featuring a wide range of interesting transport related trivia and information.

Read about different types of boats, how helicopters work, what submarines are used for, how fast modern trains can move, what keeps hot air balloons in the air, the history of cars, how bicycles transfer energy, the different parts that make up an airplane and much more.

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Science for Kids


Airplanes are an important part of modern travel both domestically and internationally. Read all about them with our fun plane facts for kids.

Fun Airplane Facts for Kids


Bicycles are a cheap and convenient form of transportation used all over the world. Learn why with our wide range of interesting bike facts and trivia.

Fun Bicycle Facts for Kids


Navigating water is a lot easier in a boat! Learn how they move, where you might find them and about the different kinds with our boat facts and information.

Fun Boat Facts for Kids


Cars are a common form of transportation used for both small journeys and longer road trips. Enjoying reading about the history of automobiles and more with our fun car facts.

Fun Car Facts for Kids


Helicopters use spinning rotors to provide lift and thrust. Understand what makes them so useful with our cool helicopter facts for kids.

Fun Helicopter Facts for Kids

Hot Air Balloons

Hot air balloons offer memorable views and a truly unique form of transportation. Learn how they fly through the air with our fun facts and trivia.

Hot Air Balloon Facts for Kids


You might not have been in a submarine but you can have fun learning about them with our wide range of submarine facts and information.

Fun Submarine Facts for Kids


Trains have played an important role in the transportation of passengers and cargo for hundreds of years. Read all about them with our train facts for kids.

Fun Train Facts for Kids
Fun Science and Technology for Kids


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