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Fun Science Videos for Kids

Watch Amazing Animal Videos for KidsAnimal Videos

Enjoy a range of great animal videos featuring everything from lion encounters to the fastest animals in the world, dolphins doing tricks, cute dogs, giant octopus in the deep sea, funny animals, wild shark attacks and more.

If you like animals then you'll love watching these free video clips and our other amazing science vids.

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Science for Kids

Sneaky Penguins

Building a nest to impress female penguins can be hard work for male penguins in Antarctica and it can be made even harder by sneaky penguins who like to steal.

Sneaky penguins video

Filming Polar Bears

Filming polar bears in the wild can be a difficult task so the BBC use a variety of robotic cameras to do the job for them, with some surprising results.

Filming polar bears video

Fastest Animals in the World

These two animals really know how to move, one with the speed of its tongue and the other punching with its claws. Enjoy this video which shows some amazing footage of a salamander and mantis shrimp in action.

Fastest animals in the world video

Lion Encounter

When a reporter enters a lion's den to experience the immense size and power of the animals he gets the fright of his life and more than he bargained for when they turn on him and threaten to attack.

Lion encounter video

Giant Octopus

Watch a giant octopus in action as it shows off its impressive tentacles in the freezing sea waters. How would you react to this kind of up close and personal octopus encounter?

Giant octopus video

Dolphin Bubbles

Dolphins love to play and this video is a great example of this. Watch as a dolphin performs some amazing under water tricks with bubble rings.

Dolphin video

Funny Animals

Check out the hilarious animals in this funny video. Watch a range of great clips featuring naughty gorillas, crazy cats, cute dogs and more.

Funny animals video

Shark Attack

Watch this spectacular footage of a huge shark leaping into the air as it attacks its unsuspecting dinner. It certainly makes you think twice about going for a swim in the sea.

Shark attack video

Goats in a Tree

Goats in Morocco can act a little differently to the goats you might be used to. Watch this great clip and see a total of 16 goats feeding in an Argan tree.

Goats in a Tree Video

Anaconda Hunting

When a female anaconda is hungry you don't want to be nearby, check out this amazing animal video and find out why the anaconda has such a fearful reputation.

Anaconda Hunting for Food Video

Bears Catching Salmon

Salmon return to fresh water to reproduce and it's not always an easy task, especially with hungry grizzly bears waiting in anticipation for them to make the big leap.

Catching Salmon, Grizzly Bear Style

White Killer Whale

Check out this rare footage of a white killer whale named 'Iceberg' as it swims amongst its pod in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Russia.

Rare White Killer Whale Video

Puffer Fish

Puffer fish protect themselves from predators in an interesting way. Check out how they do it and if it works against a hungry river otter in this cool video.

Puffer fish video


Enjoy this video that explains everything you need to know about bees. Learn about the queen bee, hive, worker bees, drones, nectar, pollen and more.

Shark attack video

Are Elephants Scared of Mice?

Could a big animal like an elephant really be scared of mice? Surely not. Find out if this myth could possibly be true with this cool animal video.

Could elephants be afraid of mice?

Invincible Cockroaches

It sometimes seems like cockroaches can survive anything. Watch as the Mythbusters team investigate how well cockroaches can survive underwater.

Will anything kill a cockroach?

Flying Fish

You don't normally associate fish with flying but there are some amazing species that like to be a little different, gliding for up to hundreds of metres over the water.

Amazing Flying Fish Video

Gliding Snake

The Chrysopelea or "flying snake" is an amazing animal that can contort its body and allow itself to glide great distances through the air as seen in this incredible video.

Incredible Gliding Snake Video

Ball Machine

Take a look at the awesome automatic ball machine an owner designed and built for his lucky dog. Watch as the cute dog retrieves the ball, puts it back into the machine and enjoys another turn fetching the ball.

Lucky dog video

Skateboarding Dog

It doesn't get much better than a skateboarding dog. Check out Tillman the bulldog in this cool video which shows just how good he is on four wheels.

Skateboarding dog video
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