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Fun Science Videos for Kids

Watch Amazing Robot Videos for KidsRobot Videos

Enjoy these great robot videos which showcase some cool robotics video clips. See awesome entertainment robots in action, specialized army robots in the field, robots with intelligent AI, demonstrations of the latest humanoid robots, cute toy robots and more. If you like robots then you'll love checking out these fun robot videos.

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Science for Kids

WALL-E Brought to Life

Watch how WALL-E was brought to life with this video that shows how a robotics enthusiast took WALL-E from the movies and turned him into a real robot.

WALL-E Robot Brought to Life Video

NAO Humanoid Robot

Check out the latest generation of NAO humanoid robots that come with face recognition, voice recognition, full body motion and many other cool features.

NAO Humanoid Robot Video

ASIMO Demonstration

ASIMO is the most advanced humanoid robot in the world. Watch him perform a number of difficult tasks such as running, dancing and climbing in this demonstration video.

ASIMO video

QRIO Robots

Watch four Sony QRIO robots perform an impressive dance routine in time to music with a display of fluid movements and a variety of actions.

QRIO video

Big Dog

Designed for military use, watch the Big Dog robot in action as it maneuvers its way through rough terrain, steep slopes and challenging surfaces with amazing balance.

Big Dog robot video

Rubiks Cube Robot

While most humans struggle to solve a rubiks cube, this robot can do it with ease, using cameras and programming to get the job done.

Rubiks cube robot video

Smart Robots

Looking like something out of a transformers movie, these robots are part of a development project to create robots capable of self assembly in order to help humans in a number of dangerous situations.

Smart robots video

Robot Fish

Check out this cool robot fish as it swims freely throughout a specially designed water tank thanks to its specially designed sensors and navigation system.

Robot fish video

Cute Chick Robot

These cute chick robots respond when stroked by chirping and flapping their wings. Made by Sega Toys, they are based on a 3 day old chick.

Cute robot chick video

Robot Exhibition

Japan is the home of robotics so what better place to check out a major robot exhibition featuring humanoids, fighting robots, dinosaurs, strength suits and much more.

Robot exhibition video
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