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Fun Science Videos for Kids

Watch Amazing Weather Videos for KidsCheck out our amazing science videos for kids. Learn more about the world around you while watching a range of awesome clips.

Weather Videos

Check out these cool weather videos and see some spectacular natural phenomena in action. Witness huge storms, heavy rain, powerful tornadoes, intense lightning, dust storms, dangerous plane landings, giant hail and other extreme conditions in these amazing weather video clips.

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Science for Kids

Powerful Tornadoes

Check out the powerful tornadoes in this National Geographic video clip. Watch as they plow through properties, destroying everything in their path.

Tornado video

Lightning Strike

See the immense power of nature in action as a huge bolt of lightning narrowly misses hitting a shocked but ultimately relieved (and very lucky) cameraman.

Lightning strike video

Big Waves

Watch a ship battle its way through extremely rough seas, bouncing up and down as the huge swells and massive waves crash into it.

Big waves video

Hail Storm

This amazing video clip shows an intense hail storm with giant hail stones shattering windows and smashing cars.

Hail storm video


Learn the basics of what clouds are and how they form with this educational video. See how moisture rises before returning to earth in the form of rain.

Cloud basics video

Windy Landing

Bad weather doesn't help when you're trying to land a plane and that can be clearly seen in this video as the pilot tries to land in heavy wind.

Windy landing video

Monsoon Rain

Monsoon rains are an important part of weather and life in general in a number of countries. Watch the heavy rain pour down in this video.

Monsoon rain video

Cruise Ship Cyclone

Heavy sea swells, massive waves and a huge cyclone are not the conditions you expect when you take a trip on a cruise ship.

Rough cruise video

Slow Motion Lightning

Watch the lightning produced from a powerful thunder storm in beautiful slow motion. Enjoy a close look as the lightning bolts light up the dark sky.

Slow motion lightning video

Dust Storm

This amazing video clip shows a giant dust storm in Australia. The dust storm gathers dirt and other small particles as it moves across the dry land.

Dust storm video
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