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Fun Animal Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids

Dinosaur ActivitiesCheck out our range of fun animal lesson plans that feature interesting animal facts and cool activities for kids.

Learn About Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs roamed earth well before the time of humans, ruling the globe for millions of years before they were largely wiped out. Learn more about dinosaurs and try some fun activities with our dinosaur lesson plan.



  • Ask the children what a paleontologist does for a living? - Studies dinosaurs
  • What are dinosaurs? - Hint: The word dinosaur means terrible lizard. Dinosaurs were reptiles which are cold blooded creatures.  Who can name some modern reptiles? - Lizards, snakes, crocodiles etc
  • So what happened to the dinosaurs? - 65 million years ago half the species of living things on earth disappeared. Scientists believe they were wiped out by a huge meteorite which caused climatic shocks that wiped out the dinosaurs. Other theories include: Mammals taking over the food supply or a massive volcanic eruption spewing out poisonous gases.
  • Why did the larger reptiles disappear and the smaller ones remain? - Most animals or mammals under 25kg managed to survive.
  • So when they were alive how did they survive, what did they eat? - Other dinosaurs, leaves shrubs, meat.  How do we know this? - Look at carnivorous and herbivore skulls, discuss teeth.
  • So when did the first dinosaurs appear on the earth? - Around 230 million years ago and they ruled the earth for 165 million years
  • Name the three stages of dinosaur development? - Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous



Possible ideas and activities include:

  • Make a dinosaur claw from cardboard and decorate
  • Paint some dinosaur eggs
  • Make plasticine dinosaurs
  • Play dinosaur bingo
  • Make dinosaur jokes
  • Learn some fun dinosaur facts
  • Complete a dinosaur dot to dot activity
  • Complete a dinosaur quiz




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