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Animal Activities for KidsAnimal Lesson Plans

Enjoy our range of animal lesson plans and fun activities. Get help with teaching animals by using these free ideas to save you time and effort. Animals are always a popular topic, children are interested in learning about them and are naturally curious about their appearance and behavior. The animal lesson plans cover subjects such as spiders, dinosaurs, snails, worms, camouflage and farms.

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Although dinosaurs may not rule the planet anymore, they are still a fascinating topic to discuss and also offer plenty of opportunities for fun games and activities.

Dinosaur lesson plan & activities


Creepy crawly spiders scare a lot of people but they don't deserve such a reputation. This lesson plan provides some fun activities to try while you teach kids about spiders.

Spider lesson plan & activities


Kids love competition so what better way to learn about snails than racing them! Students can use the knowledge gained to increase their chances of winning the final activity.

Snail lesson plan & activities


This fun lesson plan involves students researching the appearance and behavior of different types of worms with scientific equipment such as microscopes.

Worm lesson plan & activities

Animal Camouflage

Animals have an amazing ability to adapt to their environment. This lesson plan teaches students about camouflage, a valuable advantage in the survival of a species.

Animal camouflage lesson plan & activities

Make a Farm

This fun lesson plan involves children discussing the important parts of a successful farm before putting their ideas into practice and making one for themselves.

Make a farm lesson plan & activities

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