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Find some great earth lesson plans to help in your classroom. Teach kids a range of important ideas and concepts while they enjoy fun activities. Use teaching ideas to explain topics such as fossils, earthquakes, rocks and recycling. our earth offers lots of unique topics that can be taught in a number of fun and interesting ways. Make use of the free resources here at science kids to help make your earth related classes run as smoothly as possible.

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Have fun as you make a fossil and learn about the science behind them. Fossils are one of the reasons scientists know so much about animals such as the dinosaurs which lived on earth millions of years ago.

Fossils lesson plan & activity


The environment is an important modern day topic. Recycling is a key part of this so get students involved with this lesson plan that contains some fun activity ideas and key concepts.

Recycling lesson plan & activities


If a major earthquake hits your city it's important to have a plan ready to handle the situations that arise. Get students to design and build appropriate emergency vehicles as part of this earthquake lesson plan.

Earthquake lesson plan & activity

Rock Sorting

Help students learn the difference between igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks with this simple lesson plan that contains an easy rock sorting activity which kids will enjoy.

Rock sorting lesson plan & activity

Make Quicksand

Make your own quicksand with some simple household ingredients such as cornflour and water. Learn about its properties, experiment with how it works and impress your family and friends.

Make Quicksand

Vinegar Volcano

Combine baking soda and vinegar to create your own volcanic eruption with this fun experiment. Keep it simple by using a basic container or go all out by making a realistic looking volcano for extra effect.

Vinegar Volcano Experiment

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