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Fun Water Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids

Make a Bubble MixtureFun Bubble Activity

Bubbles are easy to make and heaps of fun to play with. Enjoy these cool bubble activities and fun bubble lesson plan that will let kids make bubbles of all shapes and sizes.

There’s a simple bubble recipe that requires only some basic household items such as water and dishwashing liquid. You’ll have your own bubble solution and be blowing bubbles in no time!


So how does a bubble work?

  • Take a close look at water, what does it look like? Does it have a certain shape? Can you see the ‘skin’ holding the water together? This is called surface tension and it's a very important concept when it comes to bubbles.

  • Have you ever tried blowing a bubble with normal water? If you have then it probably didn't go so well. The skin of normal water is too tight and doesn't stretch enough to form a bubble. The soap in the bubble solution allows the skin of the water to stretch further and makes it possible to blow bubbles.


Making your bubble mixture and wand:

  • This bubble recipe is easy. Start off with a clean container that will hold as much bubble mixture as you want to make.

  • Pour around 2 cups of water into your container and add around a half a cup of dishwashing liquid (to make double just add a cup of dishwashing liquid to 4 cups of water).

  • Being exact with the amounts isn't important, you can enjoy great bubbles with a little more or a little less of either the water or dishwashing liquid.

  • If you want to be a professional and make the best bubbles possible then try adding a tablespoon of glycerin (glycerol), corn syrup or sugar to the solution.

  • Mix the ingredients together carefully.

  • To make your bubble wand just find a piece of wire and bend one end so it forms a small circle. For bigger bubbles just make the circle bigger (not too big though as it might not work).


Fun bubble activities:

Make double bubbles and bubble domes:

  • Put a spoonful of bubble mixture onto a tray or flat kitchen surface and add a teaspoon of water. Put a straw into the bubble mixture and blow through it gently to make a dome shaped bubble. Blow again to make another dome shaped bubble inside your original one. Now you've got a double bubble! See if you can add even more bubbles inside your double bubble. How many can you make?

Make bubbles with your hands:

  • Make a circle using your finger and thumb.  Dip it gently into the bubble solution and try blowing a bubble. Next you can try cupping both hands together and dipping them into the bubble solution. Try blowing a bubble with a triangle or diamond shape using your hands. Make sure you wash your hands after doing this.

Bubble trumpet:

  • Take a soft drink bottle and carefully cut around the top third of the bottle. You have now created both a bubble trumpet and a container to keep your bubble mixture in.




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